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Our Story

We transform your dreams to reality in several mediums of Vibrant Color as Embroidery,  Quilts,  Also help creating your own electrical energy to combat Global Climate Change.

Sales & Service

From minds eye to threaded masterpieces

One item of apparel : a Hat, Shirt, Jacket, Scarf, Apron, Curtain, Bandana, Napkin, Handbag, Quilt

or production runs of any count.

Custom lettering, Stock fonts, Your Logo masterfully recreated

Awesome custom graphics of Your truck, car, aircraft, marine vessel, digitized into

head turning -  one of a kind 

Artworks never found elsewhere on Earth


Capturing simple, sweet, electrical Power from a Blowing Breeze.  Nakedly Invisible, yet Harnessable Energy for Life 

For Your Home, Farm, Neighborhood


Aircraft shaped WhirlaGigs that power up their own port & starboard navigation lights.

Purchase as kits or fully assembled.

Wheeled or with floats


Custom Orders

Do you have an idea ?

Let us turn your mind's lightbulb into a glowing promotion, statement, or link to reach people across the globe with simple green powered innovations for a clean natural environment.

Check out our other web pages at the bottom  to see all the services we offer.   Great inventions and gadgits for sale too


Machines and Materials

We use Only the best of the Best in parts, machines and materials from around the World, 

It is all about Your style, Your vision, that we tap into and translating that ember of communication or rough draft to finding the raw means of putting  those existing and even non-existing elements together expanding beyond known results in color, voltage, and  effective uses never imagined.

We make You, Stand out in the Crowd.

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How we can help make your dream become a tangable , physical, practical, solution ?

Do you have a question about our products or our services ?

 Send us a message, or give us a call.  We promise on getting back to you soon as honestly possible.

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Pinwheel Wind. 4251 W. Shelton Matlock road, Shelton, Washington State 98584 USA. /// P.O. box 130 Clearwater, BC V0E 1N0 Canada

(360) 790-6824

North America - Pacific Time Hours

Monday - Friday: 9:00am to 5:00pm

Saturday: by appointment

Sunday: Closed

We are best reached by email and forever a trusted friend to your confidential ideas.

Non-disclosure documents are available locked up with kid-gloves.