Safe Residential and Farm Energy from Wind

Removing the Negative aspects of Windmills

 So, take your time, look around, and learn a whole new approach to wind energy! 

We hope you care about what we feel are the most important features wrapped up in one simple design that addresses the real world problems and tosses them out.


The Complaint List of traditional windmills

1. Bird Kills? tower/ blade design

2. Noise disturbs or sickness

3. Landscape Scenic View ruined

4. Footprint for foundation

5. Clearcut forest obstructions 

6. Huge Heavy cranes to install

7. Lifetime cycle payoff 

8. Aircraft Danger high rotor tips

9. Aboriginal fears fitting nature

10. High Cost

11.  Throwing ice 

12.  No yaw 

a Vertical Axis Energy Windmill that Works

Putting all the right ideas in one

This can stand in a forest only 6 extra feet above tree tops.   Looks like a cell tower.   And some of these actually power up and run cell towers in remote distant locations that have no power source.