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Trans Canada Pipeline installers Special

SeeBlade. for Living. Working. Playing

Are you required to wear goggles or a face sheild in your profession, industry, competition racing, sking, diving,

bikers, pilots,

Is your vision impaired by:

 Oil, Gas, Snow, Mud, Slime, Rain,    

it's impossible to stop to remove and clean your googles underwater, in sky, underground, oil rigs

When every second counts. 

Sweet and simple.  the SeeBLADE squeegee wraps around your finger or glove by Velcro where you want it positioned for quick action cleaning in one swipe.

We have taken the time to make our SeeBLADE from the perfect materials for any lens shape and coating

 for quick vision regained in most any temperature or environment you may encounter  threatening  life.

from Depths of Sea to Sky to Fire to Ice to Mud